The Value of an International Education in London


By Gabrielle Villani, Head of Education Advisory
The UK has a worldwide reputation for being at the forefront of international education, evidenced by its success as a key export. And for globally mobile families looking for the very best educational opportunities for their children, a favourable jurisdiction for business and an international city that is steeped in culture and history, it is hard to overlook London as one of the world’s leading cities.

For families who are coming to the UK, the education of their children (and where to send them to school or university) is one of their main priorities, if not their foremost priority, to ensuring a successful transition. Fortunately, in a world city such as London, there are international schools that cater to children from all different parts of the world and which offer strong compatibility with their child’s curriculum in their country of origin.

There has been a noticeable increase in demand from international parents in London desiring a British or international school for their children. Among these, are schools in London that offer the International Baccalaureate, the French curriculum, The American curriculum and the British curriculum. Such schools offer families diversity and a range of options. Often the choice is driven by giving the child exposure to another culture whilst retaining some familiarity for their home market education system, particularly to give them flexibility with their future education decisions.

Coreen Hester, Head of School of one of the most renowned international schools in London, The American School in St John’s Wood; comments on the benefits of an international education: “London thrives, and our students take full advantage of this wonderful city as a classroom, participating actively in its vibrant historical, artistic, and cultural venues. At the threshold of continental Europe, we introduce our students to the background and experiences that will create the international citizens of tomorrow.”

The value and benefits of an international education in London are numerous: they include the opportunities for your child to belong to a community located within a diverse, world city and to engage in further study at some of the world’s leading universities. It is also the provision of impressive as well as innovative curricular and extra-curricular opportunities on offer. Most importantly, it is the benefit of an alumni network that endures a long time after a child leaves the school which can help to open doors to their future life.

This article is part of our March 2016 Private Office Newsletter.

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