Our Foreign Exchange team provides specialist independent consultancy services to our clients

Foreign Exchange

Leaving your currency considerations to the last minute can have costly financial implications when executing cross border transactions. With significant experience in the financial and global currency sectors, our Foreign Exchange offering provides specialist consultancy services tailored to meet our clients’ currency needs. We offer individual, transparent solutions for over 140 currencies including all of the major world currencies and most emerging market currencies.

Our experts partner an understanding of the clients’ requirements and their currency exposure with monitoring currency markets in real-time in order to provide a range of solutions which offer the best transaction approach to mitigate against market volatility. We provide peace of mind and minimise the risk associated with foreign exchange transactions.

Our offering includes:

Free consultation and tailored solutions
We offer a free consultation regardless of the requirement. Whether a simple spot transaction or a forward contract, we assess your currency requirements and exposure to provide a tailored solution. There are no obligations for you to place a trade with us.

Complete transparency
Pricing transparency is core to our offering. There are no consultation fees – we source and leverage competitive market rates which ultimately benefit our clients.

Made to measure
Unlike traditional financial institutions, we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. We take the time to understand your needs.

Access to over 140 currencies
We offer solutions for all the major G10 and many emerging market currencies; including but not limited to South African Rand, Brazilian Real, Hong Kong Dollar and Chinese Yuan Renminbi.

Trusted currency providers
We only recommend and use trusted currency houses who process transactions fast and efficiently, and who provide updates through every stage of the transaction.

Currency Services:

Spot Contracts
Spot Contracts are available for those who have the funds available immediately and wish to exchange all or part of them. We secure the best rate available at the time of instruction and the currency will be available for transfer to any account worldwide the moment cleared funds are received.

Forward Contract
With overseas transactions involving a payment in the future, or a series of payments over time, a Forward Contract protects currency from adverse market movements during the period of the transaction. You can fix an exchange rate for up to five years in advance, with the option to draw on the funds at any time.

Limit Order
A Limit Order allows you to wait for favourable market movements. By nominating a target exchange rate, we monitor market movements and execute the trade once your desired rate is reached.

Stop-Loss Order
A Stop-Loss Order can act as a safety-net mechanism, allowing you to nominate a lower exchange rate that will minimise your losses in the event of a sudden fall in the market.

For more information on our Foreign Exchange offering, please contact Lee Camp.