Bulgaria Mall has been awarded “Building of the Year 2013” in the “Buildings with Elements of Green Architecture” category.


Bulgaria Mall is the first shopping centre in Bulgaria that has been certified according to the globally recognized method for assessing the environmental performance of buildings of any type – BREEAM.

There innovation that has improved the energy performance of this premises include: the overall construction and insulation of the building, the latest technology for reducing energy consumption, as well as the maximum utilization of daylight through the glass roof with an area of ​​1800 sq. m.

The mall is equipped with a computer-based system – BMS, which controls and manages the lighting, ventilation, fire protection and other systems of the building. BMS uses minimum energy consumption, while providing optimal working conditions.

The fresh air supply to the stores is created by energy-saving active thermodynamic recuperation, which has never been used in Bulgaria before, in buildings of this type. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning of the passages is provided by water-cooled rooftops.

The glass facade of Bulgaria Mall is double-insulated and retains the desired temperature inside the building. The facade and decorative hidden lighting of the passages in the mall is filled with energy-efficient LED lighting.

”Bulgaria Mall has also been awarded in the category “Commercial Buildings”, together with three other shopping centers in Bulgaria.