Challenges to Energy Security


On Wednesday 30th January, the European Leadership Network (ELN) and Salamanca Group co-hosted the latest breakfast briefing part of the Strategic Insight series on “Challenges to Energy Security.”

George Robertson, special advisor to BP and former secretary general of NATO, chaired and introduced the discussion before passing over to key note speakers: Renaya Norkus, Ambassador of Lithuania to the UK, and Brian Wilson, the UK’s former Energy Minister.

The speakers focused the broad topic of discussion through the lenses of their respective fields of knowledge – Lithuanian and UK energy policy. The geopolitical position of Russia was a factor to note with regards to both speakers.

Renaya Norkus gave a brief timeline of Lithuania’s energy reintegration with western Europe, and the challenges it faces moving forward with desynchronization from Russia’s electrical grid. It was recognised that even if national and regional challenges are overcome, there is still the risk of not effectively addressing the issue of climate change.

A similar timeline was offered for the UK’s energy policy (focused on affordability, security supply and carbon reduction) and its implications. Of note, prolonged government indecision on nuclear energy means it is unlikely to feature in our future energy mix and this is amplified by the ongoing reduction in renewable energy prices.

Questions regarding the vulnerability of distribution and the importance of the Gulf’s supply of energy arose along with an acknowledgement to the importance of consumer demand meeting supply requirements.

Speakers and guests recognised the ongoing complexities of energy security and its importance on a national and international scale.

The next Strategic Insight breakfast will be held in March. If you are interested in attending, please contact