December 2018 Newsletter


As we start to wind down and prepare for the festive period, the end of the year is a time to take stock and look ahead to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.  This newsletter includes thoughts on the, IFRS16 accounting standards, the UK property market, industrial evolution and a first person perspective of the Cuban presidents recent UK visit.

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•Despite Brexit representing a raft of challenges for the UK, London is seen as a world city and the UK a favourable market to conduct business. Our Head of Real Estate, provides a brief overview of the UK property market which has a more positive stance than one may expect.

A snapshot of the UK property market: by Simon Heilpern, Head of Real Estate

•The IFRS 16 accounting standards come into effect on 1st January 2019 and will be a catalyst for change in corporate real estate strategy.  All corporate companies who use rentals or leasing to access assets will be affected.  Are you ready? As experts in corporate finance, we review the likely impact on P&L, key ratios and balance sheets.

Changes to lease accounting: by Dena Bellamy, Managing Director, Corporate Advisory

•Social trends and technological change are impacting the shape of the real estate industry globally. Traditionally a slow industry to adapt to change, we’ve identified a snapshot of these trends that are signposting the evolution of land development sites and business requirements.  For sites in the UK, they need to move up a gear and build for the future.

Building for the Future: by Dominique Allnutt, Director of Brand, Marketing & Communications

•As the UK looks to establish new trading relationships around the world, we continue to explore opportunities in Cuba. Cuba is a market which is transforming and, whilst small, is a leading opportunity across central and south America. Lord David Triesman delivers a first-hand account of the Cuban Presidential visit with appetite shown for modern trading relations with the UK.

A first-hand account of the Cuban Presidential visit to the UK: by Lord David Triesman, Group Director

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