Lord David Triesman joins an esteemed panel to support Bounce Forward’s video discussion on driving personal growth during Covid19


Salamanca Group is proud to announce that Group Director, Lord Triesman will be taking part in a unique panel discussion on; Achieving personal growth in the aftermath of COVID-19

The event will hosted by Bounce Forward to be aired this Thursday and chaired by Mark Easton, Home Editor for the BBC.
COVID-19 seemed to appear from nowhere and has impacted pretty much every aspects of everyday life. Some argue that suffering, failure, setbacks has a transformative power and positive psychology has embraced the process, calling it Post-Traumatic Growth (PTG) – or the self-improvement one undergoes after experiencing life challenges.
The panel will debate the opportunities available post COVID-19, to allow our children to grow from the experience and be remembered as the generation who grew from the pandemic, richer, stronger, nicer human beings
Research strongly shows that teaching healthy minds in schools makes a difference to general health and life satisfaction in children, and school plays a huge part in how happy we are as adults.

The Panellists

  • Professor Lord Layard is Emeritus Professor of Economics at the London School of Economics.
  • Lord Gus O’Donnell served Prime Ministers Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron as Cabinet Secretary and Head of Civil Service from 2005 to 2011.
  • Dr Saima Rana is Principal at Westminster Academy
  • Lord David Triesman is Group Director at Salamanca Group, previously responsible for the Prime Minister’s political organisation; served as Under-Secretary of State in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office; and later in the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills.
  • Lucy Bailey CEO of Bounce Forward, a charity specialising in practical resilience training in schools.


To find out more click here. Watch the panel discussion from Thursday 7th May.