May 2018 Group Newsletter


As volatility continues in the UK, and despite recent economic data causing the Bank of England to keep interest rates held, I remain optimistic for both the near and long-term future of the UK’s economic state.  This newsletter includes thoughts on the UK investment climate, doing business in China, elections in Cuba and a Q&A with our newest senior advisor.

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• An opinion piece on the UK investment climate including: reasons for the attractiveness of the UK as an investment destination, strengthening provincial economies, and, UK opportunities.

UK Investment Climate by Martin Bellamy, CEO and Chairman

• No-one needs a crystal ball to see the growing role that China will play in the UK’s future, and our feature contributed by ShaRon Kedar highlights the key factors to consider when embarking on doing business with China – the importance of understanding the end decision maker. His advice is a useful tool for anyone wishing to expand their international client base or develop their international strategy with a Chinese counterpart.

Doing business with China – the importance of knowing the decision maker by ShaRon Kedar

• Our newest senior member of Salamanca Group, Anastasia Bloom, has been caught in the spotlight by our Marketing team. Her Q&A divulges her international background, her outlook on London’s current economic landscape and the future of the social housing sector.

Introducing: Anastasia Bloom

• Away from UK Parliament, Lord David Triesman remains firmly focused on our endeavours in Cuba.  With over 40 years’ experience working with Cuban leaders and their ambassadors in London, his latest insight covers the recent elections in Cuba seeing a non-Castro as their President for the first time since their revolution.  As a new generation steps forward, Lord Triesman explores what this may mean for the future of Cuba and its international relationships.

A new dawn in Cuba, and what to expect by Lord David Triesman, Group Director

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