Group’s Chairman on BBC Radio 4 Today show discussing why CBILS is an excellent idea but need refinement


Salamanca Group’s Chairman, Martin Bellamy discusses on Radio 4 Today show why the CBILS are an excellent idea but need refinement to help the UK’s SME’s.

Martin said: “The fundamental change that needs to occur is that the central bank is going to have to agree to underwrite 100pc of these loans so that the authorised banks that are processing the CBILS applications are able to lend in a manner that they are not able to do at the moment. A corporate loan would normally take approximately three months to be put in place by the time that the application has been assessed and the security has been put in place. A  lot of the businesses applying just do not have that much time and the weight of applications the banks are trying to process means that unless there is a very efficient fast track system then these loans will not be put in place.”

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