Salamanca Group launches a virtual race around the world in support of Bounce Forward


LONDON JULY 7, Salamanca Group the London based merchant bank has launched its 2020 Grand Challenge in support of Bounce Forward, the ongoing task matches runners against cyclists, both teams have been set an equally demanding distance to achieve.

To counteract the effects of working from home Salamanca Group launched the 2020 Grand Challenge as a way for the company to stay connected and healthy while also raising money for charity. Bounce Forward is a UK based education charity that equips teachers with the knowledge and practical skills to deliver their evidence-based resilience curriculum in schools and now remotely from home, helping young people thrive in life.

Group Chairman, Martin Bellamy, and  Director, Lord David Triesman devised the challenge to test the resolve and resilience of the group. The cycling team captained by Investment Director, Geraint Evans, must journey 40,000 km’s around the earth’s equator; while the running team captained by Programme Director, Paul Lowndes must traverse 5,800 km’s along the Prime Meridian. The first team to cross the finish line wins the challenge. To commemorate the challenge Salamanca Group commissioned a sports jersey to be worn during the team’s activities. (Illustrated below)


“The challenge so far has been an incredible help during these uncertain times, it has brought the company together in unforeseen ways, it has strengthened bonds between collages and their immediate families as well as providing great virtual office banter for our online meetings. I hope to see these postive changes persist beyond this Grand Challenge.” Martin Bellamy

“The immeasurable impact this challenge is having on Salamanca Group is amplified by the difference our contributions enable Bounce Forward to make. I have every confidence that the young people who interact with their resilience instilling curriculum will go on to make genuine contributions for their future communities, benefiting society at large.” Lord David Triesman

Donations supporting Bounce Forward through the Grand Challenge can be made through the dedicated Just Giving page. Weekly and overall progress reports from both teams can be found below. Salamanca Group will announce the winners when either team completes their respective distance.

Salamanca Group Grand Challenge Just Giving page – 

Runners this week

Cyclists this week

Overall Progress – Last updated 09/11/2020 10:29 am

Notes to editors

About Salamanca Group

Salamanca Group is a privately-held Merchant Banking business, home to experts in global investment and advisory, with a focus on real estate. Salamanca Group’s real estate team has operated across the globe, purchasing land, developing sites and buying businesses related to the sector. The Group’s focus is on large projects in the UK having divested many of its overseas assets. The Group works with clients to enable their business, protect their assets and grow their capital.


About Bounce Forward

Bounce Forward is a national charity that delivers inspiring and practical training programs to support young people to reach their full potential in life. The charity believes that teaching resilience skills should sit alongside academic lessons and have spent 13 years working directly with schools and delivering research to evidence what they do.


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