Salamanca Group Supports Children’s Well Being During School Closures and Physical Isolation


At Salamanca Group, we don’t measure ourselves by the success of our work alone, we also want to ensure that we make a valuable contribution to society.

We are proud to be supporting Bounce Forward, a charity that delivers training, skills and resources to build student’s capacity to be resilient and thrive when faced with adversity, like now during COVID 19 restrictions.

We would like to encourage our network of both professional and friends of Salamanca Group, to join on Friday, for a free session on building resilience during a remarkable moment in history.

Details below;

Help your children thrive at home with on-line resilience sessions

The charity, Bounce Forward are holding regular sessions for parents to build vital skills to help their children be more resilient during this uncertain time. Each hour-long session will be hosted by Lucy Bailey – Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder of Bounce Forward, with the content based on the science of resilience.

The first webinar is free, with the following sessions priced at a nominal fee of £2 to support the charity. Register here.


10am to 11am – Friday 3rd April, 2020
10am to 11am – Monday 6th April, 2020

Lord David Triesman – Board Member, “As a parent myself, I know that this is a particularly difficult time for parents and that many are worried about the impact that school closures and social isolation could have on the wellbeing of not only their children but the whole family. But it’s how we react that matters most. As a society, we need to build vital skills and develop the critical factors which make someone resilient and helps them thrive during this new world/lockdown period.”

About Bounce Forward.

Bounce Forward is a national charity that delivers inspiring and practical training programs to support young people to reach their full potential in life. The charity believes that teaching resilience skills should sit alongside academic lessons and have spent 13 years working directly with schools and delivering research to evidence what they do.

Core principles:

  • Resilience is not just about overcoming setbacks, it’s also about making the most of opportunities
  • We base our approach and training on solid research, theory and evidence
  • We teach skills and strategies that work in the real world
  • The adult’s matter: their role is vital in helping children and young people be resilient and thrive.

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