Salamanca team finishes the Grand Challenge and helps Bounce Forward reach 64 students through their Think Equal Curriculum


Salamanca Group is proud to announce the completion of its 2020 Grand Challenge, a team-building endurance race to keep everyone engaged and distracted during lockdown. The running and cycling teams both rose to the occasion, to reach their respective goals before Christmas.

Recap – Separated by remote working but not by spirits, on May 18th the running team set off (virtually) from Greenwich park with a 5,800km journey ahead of them while the cyclists began their circumnavigation of the equator (40,850km) from Null Island. Both teams came out of the blocks, during the first-month team records were set and not bested for the rest of the challenge.

By mid-August, the cyclists began to pull away from their runner counterparts (illustrated below)

Progress continued at a steady pace through October and November, as the days became shorter and colder, indoor activities became more frequent, for those braving the elements high viz and extra layers were required.

As the challenge entered its final weeks, a second lockdown provided quieter streets to clock up much-needed miles. The cyclists took full advantage as they raced across the Atlantic towards Null Island. With the runner’s efforts hampered by injuries, the cycling team captain, Geraint Evans, pledged to get the opposing team across the finish line in time. Both teams completed their journeys days apart.

In total the extended Salamanca team raised £1,000 for Bounce Forward. This will enable them to reach 64 young people through their ‘Healthy minds’ & ‘Think Equal’ curriculum which helps teachers equip young people with the skills required to cultivate resilience from the pressures of today’s world.



Martin Bellamy – Chairman & CEO, Salamanca Group
“The Challenge was never far away from being a topic of conversation, it gave the team a goal that was not work-related. I am incredibly proud of the comradery, teamwork, and sheer determination displayed over the last 7 months. Salamanca Group firmly believes the funds raised could not go to a more worthy cause, we look forward to the next Grand Challenge.

Lord David Triesman, Director, Salamanca Group
“I have thoroughly enjoyed this Grand Challenge, especially watching the uplifting impact it has had on the spirit within the office. As external conditions have shifted weekly, if not daily, the Salamanca Group Grand Challenge has been a constant source of stability.

Lucy Bailey – CEO, Bounce Forward
“Running in this challenge myself provided a different source of motivation during what has been a testing year. I want to personally thank Lord David Triesman and Martin Bellamy for designing such a closely contended challenge and both teams for helping Bounce Forward to reach more young people across the UK.



To view the final leaderboards and overall stats, click here.

Donations for Bounce Forward through our Grand Challenge Just Giving page have stopped, direct and indirect donations can still be made.

  • Bounce forward can be selected as your charity of choice within your amazon account. Visit for a step by step guide to set this up
  • Donations can be made through Paypal


Notes to editors

About Salamanca Group
Salamanca Group is a privately-held Merchant Banking business, home to experts in global investment and advisory, with a focus on real estate. Salamanca Group’s real estate team has operated across the globe, purchasing land, developing sites and buying businesses related to the sector. The Group’s focus is on large projects in the UK having divested many of its overseas assets. The Group works with clients to enable their business, protect their assets and grow their capital.

About Bounce Forward
Bounce Forward is a national charity that delivers inspiring and practical training programs to support young people to reach their full potential in life. The charity believes that teaching resilience skills should sit alongside academic lessons and have spent 13 years working directly with schools and delivering research to evidence what they do.

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