Enabling Business.

Protecting Assets.

Growing Capital.

Advised on global investments
in excess of $3 billion

$1 billion of

real estate assets


Salamanca Group is an investment and advisory business based on traditional Merchant Banking practices and values, that brings a new perspective to capital growth needs required today.

Rooted in real estate, the company initially specialised in structured real estate investments in London and, due to client requests, diversified over the years into a multi-sector global investment and advisory business.  We focus on building highly valued relationships with individuals, corporates, institutions and Governments and embrace the way these relationships evolve the business. Today, the company supports clients across four divisions:

  • Investment – dedicated to sourcing mid-size off-market investment opportunities and co-investing alongside clients to maximize capital growth
  • Corporate Advisory – provides trusted, independent advice on mid-size cross-border transactions that reduces the risk and accelerates change
  • Real Estate – experts on commercial and residential property acquisitions, management and consultancy to deliver commercial and social impact
  • Strategic Land – raising finance, creating infrastructure and operating real estate projects to improve property and place-making, delivering high-quality results


We invest time in developing a deep understanding of clients’ needs – partnering with them to provide solutions that enable their business, protect their assets and grow their capital.

We strategize, have the capability to act quickly, and leverage relationships to solve our clients most exacting challenges, enhancing and creating additional opportunity. We go the extra mile.