Strategic Land Acquisition & Development

Strategic Land Acquisition & Development

Project: Huntspill Energy Park (former site for ROF Bridgwater)
Region: Somerset, UK
Property Type: Strategic Land Development
Year: 2017 – Present
Funding: Joint Venture, Direct

In early November 2017, Salamanca Group acquired the 635-acre site currently known as Huntspill Energy Park in Somerset. Forming part of the multi-location Heart of the South West Enterprise Zone, the size and location of the site makes it one of the most strategically important land parcels in the UK today.

Planning consent for the development of 235 acres of energy related employment uses was granted at the end of November 2017.  At its core an on-site energy generation facility will provide reliable energy to its tenants, which are likely to centre on activities such as manufacturing, logistics and other industry and business.

Given the sites former usage as the Royal Ordnance Factory Bridgwater, decommissioning and remediation works are required.  BAE Systems (former owners) will retain responsibility for remediating the site with an expected completion in December 2019.

Current activities are focused on working with the council, local communities and partners to achieve the optimal future for the site.

If you are interested in becoming a future tenant at the site, please contact Martin Bellamy

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