Martin Bellamy discusses ESG with City AM


Salamanca Group CEO and Gravity Chairman, Martin Bellamy discussed the importance of investors considering the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in their investment decisions.

Snippet of article 

Of course, while it is positive that more and more investors are prioritising ESG and impact investing, there is also a need to ensure that these investments are responsible and that their effects are truly tangible across society, warns Martin Bellamy, co-chief executive and chair of This is Gravity.

“To create a real impact, there needs to be a clear commitment to encouraging companies and developers such as ourselves to commit to clean growth, which will help Britain achieve economic growth through clean technology and sustainable development,” he says. “The UK already has a Clean Growth strategy in place, and Gravity is developing the country’s first commercial smart campus near Bristol, designed from the ground up to enable today’s giants and tomorrow’s unicorns to grow cleanly.”

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