Corporate Advisory – Housing Advisory

Fund creation, equity placement and ongoing fundraising to Funding Affordable Homes

Sector: Housing Advisory
Region: UK
Year: 2015 – Present
Services:  Financial Advisor

Salamanca Group led the creation of and launched a new housing company, Funding Affordable Homes, which is based on a new private sector model that allows for investment into UK affordable housing.

In 2015, Funding Affordable Homes:

  • Completed initial fund raising of £44m from UK and European family offices and institutions, including the leading social investor, Big Society Capital
  • Forward financed over 200 affordable homes, across three schemes with significant pipeline of new opportunities
  • Entered into long term agreements with housing associations and a socially responsible developer

In 2016, the company:

  • Raised a further £11.5m including an investment by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Acquired an additional 103 affordable homes with its properties now spread across the South and Midlands, including larger schemes at Luton, Harwich and Walton-on-the-Nase

In 2017:

  • Three further projects added providing almost 300 homes in London and Northampton
  • Total investments now exceed £100m with c.600 affordable homes occupied or under construction

For 2018:

  • Two projects added providing 140 homes in Rochdale and on the Isle of Wight

For 2019:

  • A second project on the Isle of Wight delivering 75 homes
  • A project to the south west of London providing 58 homes
  • Potential for significant enhancement to funding from a European Institutional Investor

Funding Affordable Homes is an investment company that enables private investment into a socially responsible, investment grade sector.